The TRONEX SAS battery laboratory is the only battery laboratory in Colombia, specialized in conducting tests to evaluate and control the quality of batteries that are manufactured and marketed. In addition, has different tests which evaluate the compliance of the Zinc-Carbon and Alkaline electric batteries, focused on compliance with the requirements established by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, in the Regulation Technical, Resolution 0172 of January 23, 2012, and its amendments.

Therefore, we are able to meet the requirements of Supreme Decree No. 018 - 2005 - Produce, of the Republic of Peru; the Ecuadorian Technical Standard INEN 807 part 1 and 2, Technical Regulation 105 of the Republic of Ecuador.

In our facilities we have a specialized laboratory and qualified personnel to guarantee the quality of our services. We are committed to our continuous improvement and satisfaction of the needs of our clients and authorities, and in services such as:

- Test of "nominal voltage", "dimensional", "minimum average duration", "leaks and deformations".

We achieve our best performance and profitability in order to obtain the satisfaction of our clients, managing the highest quality, impartiality and reliability in established methods.

The TRONEX SAS Batteries Laboratory is committed on applying good professional practices in the execution of tests, and has the commitment of top management in the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Laboratory Quality Management System and compliance with the Technical Standard Colombian NTC-ISO 17025: 2005 "General Requirements for the Competence of the Testing and Calibration Laboratories".

Our company also promotes a quality management system that provides the necessary resources to comply with and monitor all laboratory systems; guaranteeing the protection of customer information and avoiding interference in any activity that may diminish confidence in their technical competence, impartiality, criteria or integrity.


Our laboratory is focused on evaluating the compliance of Zinc-Carbon and alkaline electric batteries by means of electrical and dimensional tests, based on the requirements expressed in the Colombian Technical Standard NTC 1152 and equivalent international standards, and to offer both internal and external customers, precision and accuracy in each of the measurements, to ensure the quality of the results obtained.


In 2021 we will continue to maintain our recognition as an accredited and competitive laboratory, in the provision of services that evaluate the compliance of Zinc-carbon and alkaline electric batteries, under the National and International standards valid to date, guaranteeing customers that The tests carried out on their products are of high quality and great reliability.