What is the minimum average duration test?

The test is performed on a group of nine batteries, which enter a discharge simulation. The test verifies if the batteries meet the minimum value that a battery can last, according to the standard.

The Media reference indicates the average result download battery group

What is a leak?

Unanticipated leakage of electrolyte, gas or other substances from a battery.

How many batteries are needed to perform the tests?

To perform the tests the laboratory requires 18 samples per reference, on which 9 cells are for the test and in the case that a non-compliant work is presented or in the results obtained it is observed that the average of the duration of the nine piles is less than 80% of the value specified in the norm NTC 1152: 2008, the test must be carried out again with the remaining 9 batteries, at no cost.

How do you handle the confidentiality issue?

All information obtained from conducting the tests in the laboratory is the sole property of the applicant, therefore the laboratory may not disclose, publish or communicate directly or indirectly to third parties, therefore may not provide, or alienate the information that for the management or work, the applicant delivers it.

What test method do you use?

The test methods used by the Laboratory are standardized under the rule NTC 1152: 2008 "Primary batteries (electric batteries)", in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulation for the labeling of Zinc-Carbon and Alkaline batteries issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Resolution 1273 of December 24, 2005 and its amendments and in accordance with Supreme Decree 015 of the Ministry of Production of Peru.